Cojo + DataStax = ♥

Recently I accepted an offer from DataStax as Senior Designer on their Training Team.

I will be working with a team of very talented people to make their current curriculum accessible to students, teachers and developers. It’s a huge undertaking and in the frist two weeks I’ve already learned tons of stuff!

So what is DataStax? Directly from their website:

DataStax powered by Apache Cassandra™ delivers a database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of IOT, Web, and Mobile applications. While relational databases fail under modern and dynamic workloads, high-volume data and new business requirements, Cassandra’s modern architecture makes it massively scalable, always available and easy to deploy. DataStax delivers a production version of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and the ecosystem to make the vision of Cassandra a reality.

This position combines my love for design, teaching and developing, and I couldn’t be happier!

Woo! Go DataStax!

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