I'm Selling Art on Etsy!

I’m moving in with my amazing boyfriend in a few weeks. To celebrate this big step in our relationship I wanted to make some cute little illustrations that we could hang on the walls that represented where we have lived over the years.

I was playing with some colors and text treatments and I sent a sample to a good friend of mine. She actually really loved it and wanted a set of prints for herself. So, I made her 4 adorable little 5x5” prints for her apartment.

Keith, the amazing boyfriend, mentioned maybe people would want to buy them on Etsy. I felt like Etsy was already overly saturated with adorable prints of states. But then I started to look and I noticed that they were big, loud, and textured with some less than awesome Photoshop filters.

I figured - for 20 cents I could post a few and if they don’t sell, I’m only out a few bucks. After posting a listing for Traverse City, Michigan, my hometown, someone bought it immediately! I was actually really surprised!

I decided to add a few more states to the mix just to see what happens. Right now, I’ve only sold the one print - but who knows, maybe more people like clean/sharp/legible design.

I’m starting to branch out with some new design ideas, mostly focused on biking for now.

My favorite print so far is from my “Love to Ride” series, that features a heart made out of bike chain links.

Next I’m focusing on making prints for specific states where biking is especially wonderful.

If you see something you like on my shop, use the top secret code TEAMCOJO2015 for a nice 20% off.

Also, if you don’t see something you want to buy - click the ‘Request Custom Order’ button and I’ll see what I can do.

Go forth and buy!