That One Time I Moved to Denver

Keith and I just moved into a house. Together.

Big steps people, big steps.

We had been doing a ridiculous amount of commuting just to feed our addiction to each other. I would take the bus to Denver and spend the night at his place, and then he would come to Boulder in the morning and go to work. I’d spend weekends in Denver, and sometimes he would spend them in Boulder.

After he stopped working in Boulder, he would go days without going home. Then I got a remote job, and I would spend days away from home.

Our cats totally hated us. So we got them a house. Not just a cat house - but a people sized house to hold all their cat things.

I was relentless in searching for a house in Denver. People who say that buying a house is hard [in Denver] should try renting one. There’s no negotiating, or anything. I can’t really write the landlord a love letter or bake them cookies or outbid the other guy. I just have to be the first person with the best credit to apply.

craigslist Look at all the housing in Denver!

Every stupid morning I would load craigslist, Zillow, and countless other sites and browse the listings that somehow appeared while I was sleeping. I found this adorable house in Platt Park, an ‘up and coming’ neighbourhood in Southwest-ish Denver. No one really knows where Platt Park is, and I’m okay with that. It has all the benefits of living in Wash Park, but without the high prices and rich people problems.

Long story short - we got the house. I screamed in excitement and nearly peed my pants when we found out we got it. Then it was “Oh shit, what did we just get into?”. Keith and I have only been dating not even 6 months. Plus, I hadn’t lived in a house since High School.

Don’t think that renting a house is easier than owning a house. It’s pretty much the same, except when things break, I don’t pay for them. You have to do all these things, like call the appliance repair people, get your vents cleaned, get all your electrical outlets fixed, new lights in the garage, something with the basement, and carpet installed.

That doesn’t even account for the fact that the house is surrounded by a lawn. Seriously, do you know how needy lawns are? They need to be de-weeded, mowed, watered, edged and told a story every night before bed. The people before us were so absent in our lawn’s life, that there was a literal tree growing through the lawn mower.

Keith and his weed Look at Keith’s weed! (actual size)

The house also came with two large raised garden beds, pre-filled with years of weeds, dog toys and remains of gardens past. We freed those dog toys and put to rest the gardens past and made ourselves a little vegetable garden.

Garden Beds

We’re totally failing at being zucchini & tomato parents right now, we had to battle a lot of hail, but we’re making the best of it. Did you know cat carriers make excellent plant covers in a pinch?

Keith Garden Look at our little babes

We’ve just about finished painting the downstairs, finally covering up all instances of ‘humble gold’ that was throughout. We opted for a nice blue ‘Sausalito Sky’ color that makes the entire house feel fresh and airy.

Then we went and got ourselves an adult couch, had it custom made, and then delivered and assembled. Because that’s what you do when you’re an adult. You spend a shit load of money on furniture so you can freak out about every time the cat sits on it, wondering if this is the moment it gets’s clawed to pieces.

Couch! Yeah, it’s got a chaise.

Then, when you sit on your adult couch you look around thinking “wow, look at all this shitty living room furniture”, and go spend a shit load MORE money on tv stands, coffee tables, and sofa tables. Did you know that sofa tables are a thing? They’re not just called “the long skinny tables that go behind the couch”.

It’s all coming together, though. Only 1.5 months in and we are finally starting to make it feel like our own little space in this big city.

Living with Keith is pretty magical though, and I wouldn’t want to live with any other man.

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